Higher Ed Lab Notebook 10/18/2012

  • Syracuse chancellor Nancy Cantor resigns.  New Wisconsin idea versus perception of  quality at Syracuse.  It is not a mark of quality (per Michael Crow)
  • Big Idea:  Let’s shift attention away from institutions toward students
    • Replacement for credentialling
    • Accreditation value chain: courses –> curricula –> programs –> degrees
      • students can select courses
      • Noodle can suggest a curriculum
      • A transparent matching system can map the curriculum to quality curricula
      • A recommender can create quality clusters
      • In such a world what is the value of degrees and institutions?
    • Overheard:  “Silicon Valley questions whether a degree means anything any more…”
    • Overheard:  “Is the degree more than the sum of its parts?”
  • David Wiley was a pioneer in advocating open accreditation:
    • Accountability
    • Transparency
    • Market forces
  • I think you have to question any activity that does not add value to the degree.  Accreditation might be one of these.
  • Self-perpetuating professions:  professions that have no discernible impact on educational quality

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