Education and Innovation in the End Times

I wanted to draw your attention to a new blog from my colleague Aaron Lanterman.  He calls it Edupocalypse Now: Education and Innovation in the End Times and I encourage you to visit it here Aaron’s first post is abouit taking the bullshit out of degree requirements. Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

One summer, I took a class in ancient and modern Japanese culture. Out of the list of courses that would satisfy that particular well-roundedness requirement, I’m not sure why I picked that class in particular. My father won a computer art contest in the early 1980s, and the prize was a family trip to Japan. I have fond memories of that trip; that might have contributed to my decision, but I’m not sure. I recall writing a term paper for the class, but I can’t recall what I wrote about. The professor told some interesting stories about this adventures in Japan, although I can’t remember any of them now. Relatively speaking, I suppose I enjoyed the class. The material was somewhat interesting, and at the time I probably would have defended having to take it as contributing to my “well roundedness.”

But almost two decades later, I realize it was a waste of everyone’s money and time.

It was a waste of my parent’s money. It was a waste of my time. And having spent the last decade as a professor, I now realize it was a waste of the professor’s time.

Aaron says he was inspired by a few Georgia Tech colleagues but in an email he sent to me this morning he says:

I’ve been reading Roger Schank’s blog. I think I am becoming radicalized. After reading his posts I want to run around screaming “RAAAAAAAR! RAAAAAAAAAAAR!” I should probably channel that into something more constructive.

I have great respect for Roger Schank’s ability to create a new generation of radicals, so I suspect this is Aaron’s real inspiration.

I am now showing EN’s RSS feed on the right hand  column, and I hope you visit the site often and even say RAAAAAR! once in awhile.

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