WWC Higher Education is now Innovate.EDU

Steven Bohm's Future Classroom

Courtesy Steven W Bohm (2009)

Welcome to Innovate.EDU, a site devoted to innovation in American Higher Education. Readers of my WWC  blog will recognize the style and substance of this site.  This is a site about innovation and change in colleges and universities. I have imported all of my education posts from WWC, which will continue as a site devoted to exploring the interesting things that happen when innovation and execution collide in large organizations.

Higher education is creeping up on 4% of US GDP. It’s the foundation of our economic future, but the discussions that take place in faculty lounges across the nation’s campuses are rarely shared outside the academy.  Innovation in education is happening at an accelerating pace, but it seems like it is happening in spite of the institutions that we regard as leaders.

Let’s change that.  Let’s have a discussion that everyone can join.  This is a place that should get you agitated.  I hope you will have an opinion and I really hope that it will be different from mine. We will not be academic although we hope to influence academic institutions.  Above all, let’s get lots of ideas on the table, because that’s the only way to innovate.

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